In the eyes of Mira Kortbawi, architecture as well as arts and decoration, have no limits.


Born in Lebanon in 1980 within a French speaking family, her education is the combination between the East and the West. Graduate in Interior Design and Decorative Arts from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Beirut, her passion for History of the Architectural and Decorative Styles drives her to follow a Masters Program in History and Criticism of Arts in France.


“There is a distant path between theory and practice.” In our profession, every material and every detail count, and during the global design conception of the project, the relation between aesthetics and functionality is inevitable. I cannot imagine an object or its volume without its skin, texture, utility and purpose or “raison d’être”. Create just for the fun of it doesn’t interest me at all. It is the human side for which this creation is dedicated that motivates me to create and I have to imagine that my creation takes part in the personal or professional evolution of a certain person or a group of people. Nature is a source of energy and deep inspiration, and even more the client himself/herself is the center of interest of each of my projects given the fact that everything is created specially tailored for him”.


After several displacements between Beirut, Cyprus and Bangkok, she definitely departs from her native country in 2006 because of unrest in the political situation that she had to live through since birth and takes refuge in the capital of design that she has dreamed about ever since: PARIS.


Having already worked in renowned architects cabinets in the Middle East, in France and in Thailand, it is only in this capital where Mira Kortbawi establishes her own agency MK DESIGNERS and achieves diverse projects in restoration, hotels, fashion, flower market, and mostly residential.

Her proficiency in several languages, her origins, her elegance, her open spirit and her hypersensitivity allow her to rapidly earn the trust of a selected clientele and to accomplish luxurious projects.


Today, being surrounded by a team of reliable and skilled individuals, he agency MK DESIGNERS runs complete missions varying between design, concept and master plan.


In her work achievements, she never hesitates to combine different styles and textures, yet harmony is ever-present.


She is not afraid to create Emptiness where need be, and she even tends to “purify” styles as she is naturally inspired by the Japanese culture that we can discern in the spirit of each of her projects. 


Each project is the result of an extensive research and a deep reflection to create a space in harmony with the client’s expectations. She extends a particular importance to the timeless and durable character of each creation.